Foursquare Adds More Superusers, Tools

by Dwayne Kilbourne on May 23, 2011

As AboutFourquare reported last week, foursquare announced it is promoting more loyal users to superuser status. Since their last mass promotions to SU status, foursquare has gained millions and millions of new users, gained more brands and small business venue claimers, and boosted its own staff numbers, so it is only right that foursquare helps itself out by adding more superusers to help maintain the neat and orderly landscape within the foursquare community that we all have grown to love. Over the past year, many active and willing users have inquired about how to get such a promotion; foursquare has now streamlined the process. Now, regular users can apply to be promoted to SU1s and SU2s. Foursquare still will manually look into cases wherein promotion to SU3 is appropriate, but this new process will help expand the SU community. In addition, with the new look and feel of the Superuser Admin Tools section, foursquare is now allowing current superusers to endorse those applying directly within the admin screen.

4sq Superuser Tools Screenshot

Of course, any time you add more people into the mix and at the level that foursquare is currently doing so, it is critical to keep all superusers (new and old) on the same page. Foursquare realizes this, and, therefore, it has redesigned and reorganized the look and feel of the superuser tools. Superusers now have one page where they can go to for resources (ie Superuser Guidelines, House Rules, Superuser forum, Style guide, and foursquare Support). It is now conveniently meshed together on the page where superusers go to process merges, confirm address changes, etc. For those newly promoted superusers, let me be one of the first to welcome you to the community. Speaking for the superusers I know, I ask that you take your newly-found powers and responsibilities seriously, and I look forward to working with you as we each strive to make the foursquare experience that much better for all stakeholders!

What do you think about the new superuser dashboard? And do you like that foursquare is opening up a smart application process for those interested in becoming a superuser?

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