Essentials of Leading: Powerful Responsibility

by Dwayne Kilbourne on September 25, 2011

We all walk this earth for a reason, and we all enjoy many different powers. Each of us has a power or influence over another person, and each of us is influenced by other powerful people. Most of us know many of the powers we have while others might not see some. Certainly, each of us see many powerful people throughout society and acknowledge the powers that they have earned, inherited, or gained in some other way. However, many misuse or take these powers for granted; many an individual, company, and organization have misappropriated these powers and abused them. Simply look at the newspaper or online blogosphere, and you will find numerous examples outlined and highlighted wherein some powers have gotten to people’s heads. In some cases, they thought they were invincible and impervious to demise. These various examples of power and potential misuse of that power can be observed in some many aspects of life – whether personal or professional. However, it is critically important that we all remember what Peter Parker (Spiderman) and Uncle Ben highlighted – “With great power comes great responsibility.” This popular quote seems to have been inspired by the Bible verse, “from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (Luke 12:48 NIV). Both are quite powerful reminders that we all should follow!

 With great power comes great responsibility

No matter if you are a CEO in today’s top organization, a powerful community leader, a strong family member, or a captain of a team, so many have great power and influence over others. However, for this power to be optimized, truly used for the greater good, and not squandered away, we all must be sure to know the responsibilities that come with the powers we have. We must step up and be a proactive leader because so many are relying on us to do right and do good things with the powers that we have. While there are always temptations to be greedy and selfish, we must turn away these temptations. If we do not, we could easily lose these powerful gifts that we currently possess. Lead the way and take your powers over others seriously. With any power comes a great deal of responsibility, and we all need to do our part to act in a right and moral way! Don’t be the next greedy business “leader,” politician, husband, father, or mid-level manager; instead, I challenge you to take the high road… the right road… and take your powers seriously!

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