5 Great Ways to Use Foursquare Lists

by Dwayne Kilbourne on October 12, 2011

The foursquare lists feature is one new and great example of how foursquare is allowing you and your brands to share experiences with your friends and followers as well as with the rest of the millions of foursquare users out there. Lists can be short or they can be long; I am unaware of a limit to the number of venues you can add to your lists. Plus, you can always build as you go – meaning that you can build a list today and come back tomorrow to edit and update it. You can add a description, some tips, and some pictures to complete your lists! Here are five great ways to use foursquare lists:

  1. Tell your story – So, you went on a vacation or have a story to tell that revolves around check-ins? Well, no matter if you are using this for personal use or on behalf of a brand, building a list of these places can really help engage your friends and followers. Sure, you are not necessarily selling something using this method, but it can really boost your image and encourage your friends and followers to share your story with others. As mentioned before, these lists allow others to follow along and indicate if they have done a list item (ie check-in or tip), and that engagement then shows up on their profile page, thereby spreading your story! If this is your main reason to use lists, I’d highly recommend adding a tip and some pictures to list items! Imagine being a history teacher who wants to teach others about the Civil War ~ a foursquare list or two would allow the teacher to tell his/her story or to share a history lesson of sorts! 4sqLoveStory is in the process of building a list to tell its story, and foursquare has even used lists to tell how foursquare started!

    a brief history of foursquare

  2. Market a Product or Service – Are you an author or have a product that is offered for sale at a limited number of venues? Well, if so, this might be a great time to build a foursquare list. You can help your fans find your product at a location near them. You have a lot of options here; you could build one large list for all locations within the United States or simply break the list down by region. Again, you know what might suit you the best, so create a list or two to help your fans become customers of your latest product or service. Recently, Mike Schneider and Aaron Strout co-authored the book, Location-Based Marketing for Dummies. To better reach their readers, Mike and his employer (Allen & Gerritsen) created a nice foursquare list of various bookstores where you could pick up a copy of the book. So, if you are in Atlanta and want to physically look at the book before purchasing it (instead of just grabbing it online), this list will help you find which bookstores are supposed to have it in stock for your convenience!

    Where to buy Location-Based Marketing For Dummies

  3. Category Recommendations – Do you have a list of favorite restaurants across the United States or throughout Europe? How about a list of favorite local businesses in your area that you want all of your foursquare friends and even other foursquare users throughout your area check out? Well, foursquare allows you to build this type of list to share with your followers. Tristan Walker, head of business development at foursquare compiled a list of the best restaurant views (ever)!

    Best Restaurant Views Ever foursquare list

  4. Showcase Venues – Sometimes, you might just be in a situation wherein you want to showcase a rare venue and/or a rare service/product. Maybe, there is a little hype or buzz about something but finding locations where to get the product or service is merely a bit of a mystery. This is yet another perfect opportunity to build and share a list with the rest of the 10 million plus (and growing) foursquare users out there! Here is an example of how I recently used foursquare lists to showcase my personal rare Godiva hot chocolate hot spots. Quick story: In 2009, I contact Barnes & Noble’s corporate café division in hopes of talking them into bringing back their awesome Godiva hot chocolate or at least make it available for me in my area. After a few phone calls and being connected with a very helpful, understanding, and customer-first district manager, my hot chocolate option became an option for me at some of the nearby Barnes & Noble stores. So, instead of just bragging about this great beverage, I wanted to share with all foursquare users just where they can go to get this item that is not on the menu. Sure, I created tips at these locations, but lists allowed me to bring this all together and conveniently organize it for all to consume!

    Barnes & Noble locations that serve Godiva Hot Chocolate foursquare list

  5. Announcing Tours and Events – Are you a band who does not see the true power of foursquare? Or are you an author doing a book signing tour in the near future? Or what about our favorite topic – politics? Are you a politician running for local, state, or federal office? If so, you could use foursquare lists to outline your upcoming tour stops and events.

As you can see, foursquare lists can be a powerful thing. Also, do not forget that there are creative ways to engage your audience through lists. You can friend request those who follow your list and/or engage with them via Twitter and Facebook (when and as appropriate). By creating a list, adding a few tips, and attaching a few photos, you can soon begin to share your personal (or brand) experiences with others! Are there other reasons or ways to use foursquare lists? I’d love to hear your stories! Which foursquare lists do you think are most creative and/or are your favorites?

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  • Aaron Strout

    Dwayne – great post on use of foursquare lists. Appreciate the shout out as well. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

    Aaron | @aaronstrout:disqus 

  • Anonymous

    Aaron I like how @SchneiderMike worked on that list for the book you both co-authored. I saw the tip at a local Barnes & Noble and really think that the list (of tips/venues) really help to show where to find the LBM4D book! Great stuff!

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