Bottlenose: A New Way To View Twitter

by Dwayne Kilbourne on April 28, 2012

Recently, I earned a Klout Perk that gave me an early look at the beta version of a new Twitter app called Bottlenose. While I have yet to fully explore all of its features, I have found the new third-party app to be quite interesting and useful. Essentially, Bottlenose gives you a different type of approach to viewing the Twitterverse! Unlike the native Twitter environment wherein you mainly just see the Twitter feed of those you follow and those lists that you either created or follow. While that is nice and normally useful, Bottlenose provides a visual component that they call SONAR that enables users to see what is trending and drill down into those topics and hashtags. By clicking on the trending topic from those you follow, you will see the latest tweets about that subject or the tweets that have that specific hashtag! This is especially useful for conversation discovery and for those who are extremely visual thinkers!

Bottlenose SONAR visual sidebar

Once you sign up for Bottlenose, you can sync both your Twitter and your Facebook profiles. The app allows you to post to Facebook or Twitter just as you would with any other similar app. One cool feature that Bottlenose has is the capability to find themes and trends within your Twitter Direct Messages (DMs). So, if you are having private conversations about a specific topic, you can visually pull that up, and you can then find current conversations on those topics using the visual map on the right hand side. For me, this app is really intriguing, and I encourage you to give it a try. Bottlenose is a refreshing new approach to managing your Twitter feed and following the conversation! Plus, it just looks really cool! Have you given Bottlenose a look? What do you think? Are you somebody who prefers the visual approach?


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