3 Ways To Balance Your Tweets

by Dwayne Kilbourne on August 15, 2012

Often, I am asked about how to be successful using Twitter. For many, they want to conduct business and get leads through Twitter, and some of those people, clients, or organizations have yet to begin to build their presence on there. As with anything, magic does not happen overnight. For most, it takes an investment of time (and for some, money too) in order to gain the level of success through Twitter.

Don’t Push Your Products/Services Too Much

We do not live in the age of the television wherein the audience has a limited array of options to select from. As a result, if you are constantly pushing your offerings with each tweet, people will get turned off very quickly. You and/or your brand will lose credibility on Twitter, will begin to lose current followers, and will even lose some potential new followers. Your profile will be virtually stamped as a spammer of sorts [at worst] or pushy and selfish at the very least.

Don’t Bombard The Stream

Whether you have 20 followers or 20,000 followers, it is best not to load up on the stream at a given time. We have 24 hours in each day (all but two DST days for most people in the USA if you want to be technical), so we need to spread out the tweets when we can and as appropriate. Of course, there will be times when you can’t avoid this, and there are some cases wherein more tweets might be normal. If you are really busy and are limited to when you can tweet, you might want to look into using a third-party application like HootSuite or Buffer to organize and schedule your tweets!

Balancing Tweets

Add Some Variety

Nobody wants to see the same type of tweets over and over again; that just gets stale. Instead, it is a great idea to mix it up and add a little flavor to your tweets. I do this in a few different ways. First, I like to share others’ tweets and content. Some of that comes in the form of retweets. Second, I link up other various social media profiles and occasionally share content from them to mix things up. For example, I might share my foursquare check-in to my local gym with my followers or a photo that I added to Instagram! Mixing things up and adding some diversity to your Twitter stream gives you a better chance of gaining more engaging and active followers. Of course, you want your content to be stellar and/or to be embedded with your personality, but keeping things fresh certainly goes a long way!

Following these three quick tips will help you get on your way to tweeting success! I’d love to hear how you are succeeding on Twitter and what challenges you are currently (or recently have been) facing!


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