2 Features Missing From Initial Instagram Profiles

by Dwayne Kilbourne on November 19, 2012

I’m glad that Facebook has unveiled profiles for Instagram users. I find myself sitting on Facebook using the desktop computer at home when a friend or two will share a picture or two on Instagram. When I click on it, I’ve been able to log into Instagram and comment on that individual photo, but I’d always have to then pull out my mobile device to skim through that user’s other photos. For me, that is a bit inconvenient. Overall, I’m not looking to add photos using the website, but I should be able to easily navigate through current and past photos that I’ve uploaded as well as comment on those that others have shared. So, while I like the new additions, future feature upgrades will be greatly appreciated!

New Instagram Profile

Activity Stream

When I log into my profile using a computer, I only get to see my own photos. If you ask me, that option defeats the whole purpose of logging in. I envision an Instagram that brings the activity stream to the web experience. Maybe, they just add a button or tab at the top for the stream, and that would enable me to see a reverse-chronological history of pictures that are uploaded by those people and brands I follow. Adding ease of use in this manner would actually bolster my participation.

Interactive Follow List

Currently, it appears that users are only able to access their follow lists from the mobile app. If you pull up your profile or another Instagram profile using a desktop/laptop/tablet web browser, it will tell you how many followers the profile has and how many it is following, but it does not let you click on that information and pull up an interactive list of those people and brands. When you log onto your profile, the same situation holds true. In the near future, I’d at least like to be able to pull up that information from my profile when I am logged in, and I want to do that with convenience and ease like I can on Facebook, Twitter, and foursquare.

More To Come

Certainly, this is only the first step for Instagram moving forward. With the power and backing of Facebook, I’m confident that many more features will trickle into the Instagram experience, and I’ll be hopeful that those features bolster my experience for the better! Which features are you aching for? And should Instagram have even created web-based user profile pages? Sound off!

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