12 Days of Christmas… My Foursquare Gave To Me…

by Dwayne Kilbourne on December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas, everybody! Sure, I have a list of things that I want to get for Christmas, but let’s examine what the important stuff I want Santa Dens and the elves over at foursquare to give to me this year!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my foursquare gave to me…

12 Technology Advancements

Some people want to jump off the foursquare bandwagon while others still misunderstand foursquare and the whole LBS sector. During this prospective time of uncertainty, some might think that foursquare is on its way out. Of course, I do not think that they are, and I certainly am hoping the same because foursquare rocks! Still, I’m hoping that the next few months bring great things from the foursquare team [and community]. My hope is that the 2013 Hackathon in January produces some great stuff to build off of the already-powerful foursquare API.

11 Loosened Restrictions

Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions! Ugghhh! First, each list has a maximum of 200 venues/tips, but I do not know why they randomly picked 200 as the cap. What is the reason? If the list is no good, people will not follow it anyways, so what’s the big deal. From what I can tell, there is not a limit as to the number of lists I can create or follow (and, certainly, I hope that is still the case), but the number of items on the list should also NOT be capped out. And, if you are going to cap out the amount of tips/venues permitted per list, let’s make it a symbolic number like 416, representing 4/16 (four-squared). Heck, even Twitter allows 500 people per follow list, so let’s increase or remove the list cap, foursquare! Second, there is the issue of number of check-ins that count [towards mayorship] within a 24-hour period. Certainly, I am not checking in 30 to 40 times each and every day, but there are some days that involve a lot of check-ins, and I am a heavy user – heck, I’m nearing 22,000 total check-ins, so going one day without checking in is not the norm for me. My biggest issue comes when I go shopping at one or more malls on a Friday night (or any night for that matter) and then follow it up with a busier day thereafter. And let’s not talk about vacation time – the last thing I want is for my check-in to not count. I mean… it is not like I am sitting at home doing these fake check-ins, so, if the check-ins are real, let them count. Bump up the rapid check-in threshold to 50 or some other number. Even thought they appear to be playing with this number from time to time, I want transparency so I know how and when I can check-in. I do have a few places that I have mayorships for that mean a lot to me (ie the gym). Better yet, let’s make some better formula for rapid check-ins. I mean, if the venue is super popular, don’t have it count towards the limit. Maybe, make traffic intersection or highway venues count double. I have ideas if foursquare needs them! Let’s make this happen!

10 Telling Tools

What if an author wants to leave tips at all of the Barnes & Noble bookstores where his or her book is being sold at? Currently, the native foursquare experience forces the author (whether he or she is using a personal profile or even if they have a brand page) to manually locate all of the bookstore locations and add an appropriate tip. This can be tiresome. Can’t we get a built-in solution [for brand pages] that is easy? Of course, we can’t let brand pages go hog wild, so there’d have to be a way to help ensure spammy tips are not saturating the environment, but the upside is great! Providing a tool that would help brands better reach audience with content-rich tips and photos would be a great addition to the business page functionality.

9 New Categories

From time to time, I find some venues that simply do not fit into the mold of a current category. Recently, I found this to be true during my shopping experiences. Whether the venue was new or simply was incorrectly categorized in the catch-all MISC Shop, the venue could be categorized in a better way.  Of course, one of the best ways to sort through this is to engage the superusers and the overall user base in an effort to expand the categories in an efficient, effective, and responsible way. Already, foursquare brings its developers together for Hackathons, and they tend to bring superusers together for a massive merge-a-thon (of sorts) during SxSW, but they need to crowdsource some updated categories. Examples include theme park ride; these rides should not be given regular theme park category status!

8 Exciting Badges

Badges can be exciting. Some might contend that foursquare puts out too many of them at times. On the other hand, there are times when a badge is long overdue. For the past few years, I have requested a USMC Birthday Badge that would celebrate November 10, 1775, the recognized birth date of the Corps. Another two badges that I sought for a while was the Fitbit Lifetime 1k Kilometer Badge and the Lifetime 1k Miles Badge. I bought two Fitbit Ultra devices on the recommendation and exposure via these badges, but these badges got retired before I could earn them. Talk about a bummer for a fitness fanatic like me. Of course, I did have some technical difficulties with my Fitbit device, so I lost a bunch of mileage since August of this year. Either way, I want these badges, man! Plus, I keep hearing about the Gym Rat badge turning into an Expertise Badge, but this has yet to come into fruition. I don’t get it, and it is a big bummer for me, a true fitness fanatic. Also, I’m sure there are a few more badges that will come out that will grab my attention; here’s to a 2013 filled with better and more-awesome badges! Who’s with me?

foursquare Fitbit Lifetime 1k Miles Badge

7 Sharing Options

I want… scratch that… I need more sharing functionality within my foursquare experience. For my personal profile, I’d love if Google+ was somehow integrated. Of course, that request goes beyond foursquare’s control, but I can still dream, right? Also, I am hopeful for more Twitter and Facebook sharing options. Can we get the auto-tweet option for tip posts like we have over on Facebook? I’m just looking for more options; how about some more options for each platform? I could use more flexibility when it comes to auto-sharing tips, list adds, and venue/tip likes.

6 Superuser Features

Superusers are those individuals who have been empowered by the foursquare team to monitor venues, enabling them to merge duplicates and correct venue information where appropriate and applicable. Recently, foursquare built a Connected App that enabled superusers to do some lower-level venue editing (ie add phone numbers) using the mobile app, but I’d like to see this built out a bit more. Since I am on the go a lot, I’d love features or a completely different app that enabled me to work the merge queue or make additional edits on the fly. Since we are talking about superusers and such, I will throw in that I wish I’d be promoted from a level 2 superuser to a level 3… I’m sure that does not truly affect my functionality as a superuser, but it still would add a smile to my face.

foursquare's Superuser Tools!

5 Friend Groups

So, I have the maximum allotted number of friends on foursquare, and there are many that I engage with on a daily basis. Currently, I can use the mobile app to see check-ins around me as well as the most recent check-ins of all of my friends, but I want more! If I could build friend lists or groups, it would be a great relief. These would enable me to filter my viewpoints by various self-defined demographic groups, etc. Maybe, I’d like to see all of my fitness friends’ posts right now, or maybe I would like to look at check-ins from those within my inner circle. I have these types of options on Facebook and Twitter, so it is only right that I could enjoy the same thing on foursquare!

4 Filter Functions

I love how foursquare revamped its history page to enable me to search for check-ins at venues with specific categories, within a specific area, and/or with specific people. For example, this has helped me figure out when I bought specific items at a venue when I did not have a receipt. Now, I’m hoping that 2013 brings more filter options. I’d love to know which venue I have visited the most or the one that I have not been to in the longest. Also, I’d like to know which places I have have both checked in at the most yet have not left tips at. This option would really motivate me to offer even more tips, and more tips would tends to be a good thing, right? Furthermore, I want to be able to search for a numerical check-in; say, where was my 10,000th or 20,000th check-in at?

Current foursquare History Filters

3 Domestic Offices

Yes, I want three domestic foursquare offices here in the United States. Since, they already have headquarters in New York City and a location in San Francisco, it is only appropriate to complete the domestic presence by setting up shop in the ATL. Atlanta offers a great deal of energy and excitement; it is considered the capital of the southeast! Plus, I live in the metro ATL area, so I’d be available to run it. How convenient, right?

2 Tablet Apps

The smartphone apps are looking good, so NOW is the time to make some tablet-optimized applications. Do you know how many iPad users are out there? I know that this has been the talk (and complaint) of many diehard foursquare users, so let’s do this already. Plus, there is rumor that Apple is in talks with foursquare to partner up in order to bring an improved Apple Maps experience. If this is true, an iPad app is a MUST!!! Start by creating a beautiful iPad app, and then you can work on an Android tablet app that is optimized for Jelly Bean (or later).

… And a Follow Status *sung just like the famous song*

I’ve only been asking for this for a long time now. I have lots of people who want to connect with me on foursquare, but I’m already over the friend limit. In fact, at the time of this writing, there are 477 friends/associates who are on foursquare and currently requesting my friendship. Since I’m over the 1,000 limit, I cannot accept their friend requests without first unfriending about half of the people I am already connected with on foursquare. There has to be a better way. So, for the second year in a row, I’m hoping that the great folks at foursquare will extend follow status to me. Hook a brother up!

So, there you have it!

How much will foursquare give to me this Christmas? Who knows? But, I have been a nice boy all year, so I’m hopeful that Santa Dens and his elves took notice and hook me up this year! Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good night!

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  • http://twitter.com/haroldlgardner Harold Gardner

    I never did get into the 4square stuff.  I think it is because I do LBS for a living…

  • Ryan Wallace

    I agree with your Superuser upgrade wishes. I actually created a Google Doc to track all the updates I think Foursquare needs to make: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_zNkRWLBGbbbnXG0USqtnVfvIyJjaQGgBC42vpSrBAg/edit

  • http://www.wonderoftech.com Carolyn Nicander Mohr

    Great ideas, Dwayne. My favorite one is better badges. They should recognize important occasions such as the anniversary of the founding of the USMC. Brilliant.

    I wish more retailers would offer rewards for their mayors. I am regularly astounded at how many establishments ignore their most loyal customers.I think Foursquare is trying to combat this by revealing our full names in the app, but that will make many users uncomfortable.What do you think of Foursquare revealing full names of its users, Dwayne?

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