HitTail Is An SEO Home Run!

by Dwayne Kilbourne on March 12, 2013

When it comes to SEO tools, it is critical for the end user to be able to sort through all of the traffic that is coming in to his or her [brand’s] site. At times, many SEO tools are complex and not very user-friendly or, at best, come with a steep learning curve. However, over the past month, I have tried out a new SEO tool called HitTail! The HitTail SEO service provides its users with a better understanding of the long-tail keywords that the site’s target market audience is using to search for their content right now. If the end user (i.e. SEO guru, web developer, content marketer, etc.) wants to reach that audience, HitTail provides him or her with the suggested keywords to optimize on a page or blog post.

Real Time Experience!

What I do like about HitTail is that it provides me real time information. Certainly, I might not always need to see the traffic right as it is happening, but it sure comes in handy. Still, at any given time, I can log in and see just what keywords are driving the audience to a given site. If I find that most of my traffic is based on a small set of keywords, maybe I post more content about those topics and keywords on upcoming blog posts or on various pages throughout the site. If I want to draw in a bigger audience, I can use the details that HitTail provides me!

Some of HitTail keyword hits info from 4sqDay.com site

Multiple Site Functionality!

One big concern that I had going into using this or any other commercial SEO tool is the cost associated with using the same tool across a number of websites/blogs. Luckily, HitTail does not limit me in the number of sites I add. I just get service based on an allotted number of unique site visitors! So, overall, this is a big plus in my eyes; having the flexibility to add and remove tracking for a specific site is critically important for me.

Many Plans To Select From!

Scalability! It is great to know that I have a few plans to select from. Many of the sites that I am testing this SEO tool on do not have a huge number of unique users each month, so I can start off with the plan that provides me with the service for the first 10,000 visitors. But, this tool allows me to bump up to a plan for 30,000 and 80,000 unique monthly visitors. I’m confident that they would quote me a custom price if I required services for more than 80,000. Hence, I can upgrade or downgrade at any time, and I’m not locked into a contract of any sort, so I maintain the power! How cool is that?

First Impressions

So far, I like this SEO tool. I still use a few other tools to take care of some other SEO-related issues, but HitTail is taking care of my keyword-related analytical needs. I’m a huge fan of software and services that do not claim to be the master (or jack) of everything! Instead, I like the tools that specialize in a specific area. So, if you need a new SEO tool that provides insight into what keywords are leading visitors to your site, give HitTail a try today!

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