Mobilizing Businesses on foursquare

by Dwayne Kilbourne on February 9, 2013

Finally! For those of you who do not know, foursquare has a separate app for foursquare brands who have claimed venues on the network. This is a great step forward for foursquare as it gives businesses on its platform more convenient and robust features and functionality, especially on the go! What Can The App Do […]


The End of Unlimited Data Plans?

by Dwayne Kilbourne on May 21, 2012

When I was a young boy growing into my teenage years, I would often vacation at my grandmother’s in Southern Illinois. She lived in a very small town, one that probably was a bit behind the times. You see, the water company within the city charged a flat rate each month, so the great friends […]


iPhone 4S – A Disappointment To Many

by Dwayne Kilbourne on October 5, 2011

Yesterday, Apple announced that it was going to be releasing an updated version of the iPhone in the United States within the coming weeks, but the update comes in the form of an iPhone 4S and not an iPhone 5. For many, it appears that the naming convention alone is a severe disappointment, yet I […]


My Pre is Incomplete!

by Dwayne Kilbourne on December 3, 2009

I am all about the advancement of technology, and, with a lack of great BlackBerry devices and the iPhone available on the Sprint network in the early summer of 2009, I anxiously awaited and purchased the Palm Pre! It is a great device, but there are some features that simply are not there – some […]